Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday 8/26

Well, we are all rested from our "culture day", a day off of work and a time to see a little more of Nicaragua.  Our day started at the market in Masaya where many of us bought little gifts to bring home to all of you!  Every time I go there I see my little friend, I wish I could tell you her name, I just can't understand her!  I do know she is 76 and walks around the market with a basket on her head selling cookies (more like dog biscuits), chocolate, horchata and something very dark and sticky in a bag.... smashed figs???  ANYWAY, she is so absolutly darling and thrives on hugs and attention, which I'm happy to give her!


                                   (Dillon being Dillon)
Next we went to the most beautiful place I've been in Nicaragua, Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve where we had a wonderful lunch and played in the most beautiful, blue water!  It's such a sharp contrast to the last two days of serving.  We had some discussion on that this evening how you can experience such extreem conditions and how it was difficult for some of us to fully relax knowing that there is still so much work to do here!


We returned home on time for dinner and a short meeting with Papa Wilbert to go over our work tomorrow.  We are going to serve at the college ministry he was part of when he attented college.
This is very close to his heart and he is so excited to take us, the first team to serve there tomorrow!

We had some time with the girls tonight, had our meeting and greeted another team's arrival from
Bridgetown A Jesus Church!  

It's late for this lady, so I'm signing off til tomorrow night!

(Once again..... too tired to proof this... lo siento)

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