Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday 8/29

Wow, it's hard to believe that this trip is almost over, but we only have one day left!  

This morning after our group time and breakfast we worked around the Villa until lunch time.
We have been helping with the foundation structure of a new building which will be the learning center, as well as a few other projects.  Some of us were also helping with little extra chores to get ready for the party tonight.

All week the Nicaraguans and Americans have both been wanting to have a rematch of a soccer game that was played a year ago.  The Nica's decided on baseball, so that game was started after lunch.
 Guys are guys and it got intense REALLY fast. #trashtalk  They are so funny, joking and ribbing each other, but not losing that competitive spirit.  
We were "Nica resourceful" and used cinder blocks and boards for our bleachers.

  In the end the Americans whipped, I mean, beat the Nica's 22-15.

After the game we started getting ready for the big Quienceanera celebration for 5 of the Chicas.
This celebration is something I have always wanted to be part of and it was such an honor to be here!
Each girl was allowed to invite 15 family and friends so we had quite a packed house.

Our teams helped serve food, drinks & cake and Dillon & Christine sang 2 song, and Alex spoke to the girls. The girls had a first dance which was shared with some of our teams guys.  

It was an awesome celebration and great day all around.
Tomorrow is our last day and it is a really full day.  I may not post until our layover on the way home!

Thanks for keeping up on this trip.  This has been an awesome week!   Please be patient with your friends and family when they return, new friends have been made, personal growth has happened  and they are leaving a place they have fallen in love with!


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