Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday 8/25

Buenas noches, amigos!  I am sitting on my porch as the team is playing with the Chicas before they have to go to bed.  This is my awesome view.

Today was another great day where we went to another school to help out.  They were required by the government to cut their lawn so they could be sprayed for mosquitos.  The principal has a long term relationship with Villa Esperanza so we changed our schedule around to help them out.  When our bus pulled up to the school the children ran to greet us.  They are so darn adorable! They just want hugs, to talk to us, have pictures taken and play.  So so cute!  I want to share all the pictures but I'll just choose a few.


After the kids went to class we had a little time with their amazing pricipal who is ahead of 22 schools and has such an incredible heart for all the children.  After she talked to us a bit we were able to pray for her.

Next, we started raking up grass.... about 30 bags worth!
We stopped for lunch but kept going after lunch. When some of the older kids were let out of class to help us.  You would have thought we were giving out presents when we handed them a rake and a garbage bag!

As we loaded up the bus the principle came out to thank us for all our work and, of course, we had to get a team photo with her. It was such a rich time.

Some days our plans are changed and we wonder why.  Today we were asked to go help at this school and came upon our reason for change.


This 26 year old single mother was picking up her 8 year old daughter with her baby.  We though he was a few weeks old, but he was actually 7 months.  He is tiny, sickly and had very labored breathing.
Our head staff worker William looked at this baby and knew immediately that he had a serious heart condition, because his daughter had the same condition a few years ago.  The mother had missed the appointment with a heart doctor because she didn't have money to pay for a cab.  William will be picking her up tomorrow morning to wait in a line at the hospital with her.  It is such an honor to work along side such a good man. Please be praying for this baby!

Tomorrow we have a cultural day off (and it gives the staff a day off too).


p.s.  Please pardon the rough draft..... I was having a hard time concentrating with all the commotion!


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