Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday 8/24

What an awesome day!  It was a SUPER FULL day, but so awesome!
It started at 7:00am and just ended an hour ago!

After breakfast.... wait, can I just tell you how good the food is there?  We are getting so spoiled!  We had a special meeting with Papa Wilbert who is the director of Villa Esperanza with his wife Gloria.
He is so fun to listen to with his big smile and the way he encourages people with his motivational talks.

Next we went to one of the local school, Pedro Davila School.  There are a lot of local schools because the kids have to be able to walk to them, there are no buses.  It's always so fun to walk into their playgrounds and be greeted by the excited little children with BIG smiles!  They just want to hold a hand or play..... anything!  They love the attention!  We played with them until they were done with recess and then we went to work.  



Eight "all stars" from our team got up on their room and "sanded" the metal with wire brushes and then painted the roof.  It was grueling and incredibly hot work, but they did a fantastic job and finished the whole roof!  

The rest of our team painted the front walls and another small building.  It all looked fantastic and the teachers and children love having a new coat of paint.


After 7 hours of working in the sun we came home exhausted, to shower and take a break before dinner and our evening meeting.  We have another full day of yard work at another school tomorrow, so most of the team is relaxing or have already headed off to bed. 

Thank you for your prayers of strength and good health!  We are having a great time and I have to say I am really impressed with this team's work and ability to share their lives with each other.  Each team member is so individual and special.  Thank you for loaning them to me for 10 days!


  1. All that's happening there looks so amazing. Praying for all of you

  2. It's amazing the joy you bring, thank you all!