Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday 8/23

Today was an awesome day full of time with our team and the Chicas!

We always start the day off with our own devotion time and then a really great group time together.  This team is great at sharing their wisdom with each other and building each other up.  It's beautiful!

Went to church at Verbo where the Chicas go and some of their families attend.  Awesome music, air-conditioned (bonus) WITH headset translation!  The sermon that was spoken had so much confirmation to what we've been talking about, it was great!

After lunch at the Villa with the Chica's we got to spend the afternoon just playing with them and forming more relationships.  They are very competitive and athletic so baseball and basketball were part of the day.


We had another awesome dinner.....but all their meals are awesome.  If I made this stuff at home it wouldn't taste anything like this!

Right now we are getting ready to meet for our nightly debrief meeting, some group time and then to bed!  We are ready to get to work tomorrow at one of the local schools.


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  1. Thank you Tracy Jo for your updates! It's wonderful to be able to see the wonderful work you're all there for. I greatly appreciate that I can see my son Dillon working alongside everyone and always with that big smile of his! My love to him and best wishes to all for good days ahead! God Bless
    Colette Robertson