Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday 8/27

Another great day today!  Wow, I'm thinking back to this morning and it seems SO long ago!
As we are heading for the home stretch of this trip I can see our energy start to probably didn't help that today was mid 90's with very very high humidity!

Today we went to the public University in Managua to work at CECNIC - the college Christian group.
They have a small house with an office, a single bedroom where four people live and they hold an open bible study group each Thursday.  We cleaned up their yard, emptied their attic and sorted through the boxes and some of the team cleaned the yard and inside of the campus cafeteria.

                          Introductions of American team and Christian Group leadership team

    Julie, Ashley and Jenny (our translator) washing cafeteria windows.

   The roof cleaning and painting team

   Part of the yardwork team stopping for a coconut water break!  Yes, those were just cut
   down from a tree with a macheta!

   Eating our lunch in the with the student leaders

After lunch we continued working for a couple more hours then gathered to worship and plan how we were to split up the group and walk through campus while asking students to join us for a bible study.

   Marissa using her charm and humor on these students!  

   The end result of a days work, a gathering of students from American and Nicaragua talking 
   about Jesus.  Two different countries, different languages sharing the same faith and Lord!

Tomorrow we have, yet another full day of work, and hopefully, play planned!

Buenas Noches


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