Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday..... Culture Day

We had a culture day today!  This allows us to explore Nicaragua AND let the staff have a day off.
The day started with 7:30 small group, 8am breakfast and then both teams loaded up on a yellow school bus and went on an advenure.

We started with a quick stop at Masaya Volcano.... an active volcano.  It's spews steam, but you can still see quite a way down. (Selfie pick #1 here)

Next we went to Granada and loaded up on 3 boats that took us around the Granada Islands.  We didn't see all 365 islands, that were formed by a Volcano erruption years ago, but we did see some pretty HUGE, private houses and monkey island!

The city of Granada was our next stop.  Granada is the oldest city in Central America with beautiful old buildings in all different colors and a fabulous Yellow Cathedral in the center of town.  I don't have any pictures of the city because I was to busy looking for the Chololate Factory for a bathroom and iced coffee!  I'm sure you will see many later.

An adventure in Nicaragua is nothing without stopping by a market, so we stopped back in Masaya to shop at their local market.

Last stop..... Dinner at Cafecito Bistro.  It is the coffee shop/cafe opened up by one of the Forward Edge missionaries and a local Nicaraguan chef. We had an authentic, delicious Nicaranguan meal of Gallo Pinto, Plantaine Chips, Carna Asada, salsa & fried cheese.

It was a fabulous day, a break from the emotionial work we've been doing, and now we are refreshed and ready to get back at it tomorrow!  We will be visiting a local radiation and oncology clinic.... prayers appreciated!

BTW, thanks for sending your fantastic family memebers here to serve with me.  This is an incredible team of selfless servants!

Team Sweet Sixteen at Maysaya Volcano (plus translators!)

One of our 3 boats in Granada

Carma and Connie

Connie and I feeding monkeys!

Coffee drinks in Granada

Dinner for 33+ at Cafecito

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