Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday has come and we are about "gone"!

Hola, familia y amigos

We are just finishing up our work for today, it has been a very long day, but so rewarding!

First thing this morning after breakfast we met with Papa Wilbert who welcomed us to the Villa.  This is a man who is always so motivational and encourages us in our work with his huge smile!

Soon after we met with the chicas and talked to them about what love, dating and healthy relationships look like.  There was a lot of squirming, but we know they were listening.  Several of our team shared their stories to give the girls real life examples of what works and what does not.  The common thread among all the stories is to have a relationship based on God, love, respect, patience and kindness.  We hope to be able to continue these conversations in the next couple days.

After lunch a very special friend that Judy and I met last year came to visit and work with us.
Last year we met Heydi, a woman who had just had her leg amputated due to cancer and living under extreme circumstances.  Since last year she has learned to walk with a temporary prosthetic leg and hopes one day to be able to have her own permanent prosthesis that is made specifically for her.  She is an expert at making jewelry and trinkets out of beads.  With Heydi's help we were able to provide the mothers and family with an assortment of services.  Of course, manis & pedis, facials and lessons in bracelet making. 

At the end of the mothers' visit their daughters joined us for an afternoon snack and sweet goodbyes.

We had a short break before dinner, followed by a de-briefing, planning of tomorrows work, prayer, packing supplies and now we are headed off to bed.  Even though we are not doing physical work in the direct sunlight our work is draining.  Between the heat, humidity and the emotional work of hearing their stories, praying for them and trying to translate at the same time.... we definitely could use some prayer for stamina!  We LOVE our work, feel honored to be doing it, and are tired AND joyful!

Tomorrow will be another very long day starting at 7am and ending after 9pm!
Thanks for your support and prayers!
Papa Wilbert, Team Sweet Sixteen and our translators

Pedicures with the Chicas

Manis with Connie

Manis with Julie

Heydi teaching beading class.

What's a day without a selfie?  

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