Thursday, July 23, 2015

Best day yet.... Thursday

Just before we headed out today we had a soaking rain.  It always feels refreshing, until it stops and the evaporation starts.......then the humidity is on the overwhelming side.

Our time today was productive, efficent, nurturing and a blessing....... to us!
We spent the morning hours at the only radiation and chemotherapy hospital in ALL of Nicaragua.
Many people travel to get treatment here, but the space is very limited.  There are 18 beds for chemo & radiation, 3 for nuclear medicine and the rest have to find housing close by or drive a distance to get treatment.  The director showed us into the areas we could work and thanked us for bringing love and prayers to her patients.

Unlike the Children's Hospital there was hope in the air.  There were about 8 women who wore hospital gowns and smiles and embraced the attention they were getting.  One of our fluent team members came to them and said, "You are queens for the day!  Let us treat you like queens, here are your thrones" as she pointed to four manicure chairs.  They were grateful for new dresses, headbands, toiletry samples and lunch we brought.

Muriel was a teenage girl who had been there for 8 months with terminal brain cancer.
Her mother was lovely and allowed us to pray over her and give her some TLC.  The precious moment of the day was watching 2 of our teenage team members gently give her a mani & pedi bedside as she lay there.

We also had 4 team members help clean up the yard and 3 washed windows.  We not only worked inside, but helped make a difference outside too!

After the hot, humid morning in small spaces Mama Gloria took us for a surprise treat.... Ice cream in an air conditioned Eskimo Ice Cream shop!  With the swanky decor, cool air and our ice cream treats
you couldn't even tell we weren't in the US. Opening the door to the shop to get back on the bus we were hit with a wall of humidity which reminded us we were still in Nica! Yeah!

This afternoon we spent time with the Chicas talking about what love and respect look like in relationships, and then met them again tonight to make bracelets and "just dance"!

We've just finished our evening debrief meeting and had to say goodbye to our youngest team member, Siena, who will be flying out tomorrow.  Tomorrow we go from "Sweet Sixteen" to..... hmmmmm... I guess "Fabulous Fifteen"!

Buenas noches desde Nicaragua

Nicole and Shawna picking out dresses for patients

Toria sitting with Muriel

Golda and Sienna treating Muriel like a Queen

The sweeping and raking team

Ice Cream Treats... Thanks Gloria!

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