Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday IS funday

Greetings from The Sweet Sixteen!

As you may have heard, we all made it here safe and are inside the walls of a Nicaraguan Oasis,
the Villa Esperanza!

Hours after we arrived we experienced the biggest thunder and lightening storm most of us have ever seen.  It was CRAZY and shut down much of the wifi.  I know there were family memebers waiting to hear from their loved ones, and for that I am sorry, not a lot we could do about that.

Today was hot, humid and beautiful.  We started out our day at church, which is a small cement building the size of a school classroom, with with only bars for doors and windowns.  No microphone, no band, no instruments, but the joy in their singing is big and LOUD.  It's a sound that makes you smile, clap and want to dance!

Our team lead a song and Cara shared a message, then it was down to work.  We gave manicures, facials and pedicures for 3 hours!  Each woman was loved, touched, prayed for and made to feel special.  They were also allowed to pick out a pair of shoes or a dress that we brought, along with a bag of sample toiletries.  Connie also shared her testamony in the afternoon and did a beautiful job tying in her life experience with hardships they may have gone through also. Awesome!

The highlight of the day for me and many of us was when we were all done serving them and ready to leave they asked us to circle up and wanted to pray for us.  With hands on us one woman started praying, then another, then continued until they all joined in and the sound was that of a pack of swarming bees!  It was beautiful and  incredibly touching.

We are back at the Villa tonight watching CARS II with the girls.  When we met earlier to talk about the day and what we took away from it,  it was Joy.  Women that seem to have so little have so much joy and are so thankful to Jesus!  We can learn a lot from them!

Until tomorrow, and if the wifi continues to work!


Biggest rainstorm ever!

Sharing a song

Toria and Shawna entertaining the kids

Our debrief time on the porch.... sometimes I just can't help myself!

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