Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day one..... done!

Buenas noches amigos!

Gotta make this snappy because everyone went to bed and it's still so muggy I need to jump back in the shower!

Today we went to Iglesia Roca Eterna, a small church in a little community about 10 minutes from the Villa. Their worship is all clapping, no music and so joyful and enthusiastic it's contagious! After the sermon the children sang for us:

After the service was over the 2nd team took the children to see a movie and our team was able to stay and pamper the women with a mani/pedi day! 

We hung out with the ladies for a few hours, cleaning, massaging and painting their fingers and toes!  We also brought along dresses and shoes which they were thrilled to look though and pick one out for themselves. So fun to watch!

Tonight the Chicas at the Villa returned after spending the weekend back home with their families. For many of the teams it was try first time meeting all the girls and we each got to introduce ourselves.... Us in Spanish, they in English. 

We had dinner together and dancing!

Bedtime calls!

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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