Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 6 - A day at the pool with the chicas

Today is our last full day here in Nicaragua and we spent it with the Chicas at a pool.
It was nice to have a day with them at the end of the week so we are more familiar with them than a few days ago.  They started filling the pool when we got there.... interesting they way some things are done here.  With 27 Chicas they don't all like to do the same things so we brought some games and crafts for those who didn't want to get in the pool.

 Serious UNO game here

 Rubberband bracelet making

 Selfie with the 3 facilitators + Maria and Scarlett

 Guess who isn't Nicaraguan?

 The Babes of the group, now BFF!

This week I was privileged to serve alongside 9 amazing women.  This may be the hardest work I've done in Nicaragua so far.  We didn't build anything, or repair anything, but we had to be bold in relationships.  It was necessary for each of us to step outside our comfort zones and engage with those who were in desperate need of touch and possibly a few words. Most of us don't speak much Spanish so the week became a lesson in trust, transparency and dependance on God.  We all feel honored to be His hands and feet!

We will be heading for the airport in the late morning.  Most of the bags are packed.  Our last group session is done and we will meet for devotion again in the morning.  We've all seen a lot of hurting people this week and some of us carry faces in our mind that we won't forget.  Sometimes going back home can be a hard transition, please be careful with your loved ones and extend an extra helping of grace to them in the next week.

Thank you for allowing me to serve with this amazing women!

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