Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day four - Cultural Day

Day four is in the books and our time here is slipping away!  This time of the trip is always hard because the days are numbered and it's so hard to think of leaving this place where I feel so alive!

I thought I'd show everyone what we get to see every morning when we wake up.  This is the spot where I sit with my coffee, my journal and my reading and start the day by shutting my eyes and listening and seeing how many different bird sounds I can count.  I've counted as many as 10!
It's like a bird symphony!

Today was the staff day off so we get to go and experience the culture of Nicaragua!  
We started with a boat ride through the Islands of Granada.  There are 365 islands where the houses range from little shacks to huge vacation homes.  It's really pretty and usually very serene, however today was windy so it was a bit choppy.  Beautiful none the less!

After the boat ride we stopped by a park and ate a sack lunch.  Here's the babes of our group thoroughly enjoying each other.  

After our lunch we stopped in the town center of Granada, the oldest Central American City.
The first stop (and only stop) for a few of us was a coffee shop. These are your fearless facilitators and translator of this weeks teams, Terry, Kay, Tracy and Judith.

We got home with 45 minutes to spare before we went out for an authentic Nicaraguan dinner at 
"El Cafecito"the restaurant that opened 3 months ago and is owned and managed by one of our missionaries here in Managua.

Debriefing is complete, bags are packed and ready for tomorrow's work in the field.
Buenas Noches!

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