Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day Three..... and heading into four.

Before I start I have to tell you my camera was set on a funky filter and I didn't get a lot of 
good photos today.  Nonetheless, it was a full day!

We started the morning with the weekly staff/chicas/teams devotion with a word spoken
by the other team's pastor.  It was fun to sit with all the people ofVilla Esperanza 
knowing that even though we speak two different languages we are of one faith 
and worship the same God!

Our third and final day of spa treatment for women was special.  We were serving
the mothers and aunts of the chicas that live at the Villa!  They were picked up at
their homes and brought to us.  We made chocolate chip cookies, bracelets and came along
side the chicas to teach them how to serve their moms and aunts by giving them mani/pedis.
This all sounds like fun and games, but the purpose is actually to build trust to be better
able to communicate with them.  It's hard when we just get a few hours, but we are able
to tell that the chicas are beginning to bond with us.

After a long day of two shifts, 15 in the morning and about 35 after lunch of chicas and
their mothers and aunts we were ready for dinner and more time with the chicas after.

Tonight we decided to try something new...... a fashion show.  The girls were split up in
5 teams and were asked to "make up" 5 of our team members.  We told them the crazier, the better.
We didn't realize how crazy they would go, but here are the results:






Models and make up artists

Tomorrow is our cultural day and day off for the staff.  We will be visiting the Granada Islands, the town of Granada (the oldest city in South America) and going to a market.  Adios!

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