Friday, July 15, 2016

July 14, 2016

Yesterday was SO full and rich!  It was a long, very very hot and humid day, but we accomplished so much work and in the way of loving people!  So good.

We worked all day back at the same school getting as much done before we leave for the week!
We stopped for lunch with the 3 teachers, parents who worked alongside us and their children.  The older kids sang us a famous Nicaraguan song, we hear poetry and we presented the school with gifts.
Because of the generous people of our church we were able to give them the gifts of.... Fixing their well water container, which leaks, repair one their broken toilet (outhouse), bring electricity to the school and put in lights in one room, give school supplies and staple foods to the 3 teachers, give soccer balls and jump ropes to the kids AND we are taking the teachers and 35 children to see a movie today!  Most of these children have never been out of their communities or been on a bus!  We are so excited to share a lifetime memory with them today!  

I better get going so I don't miss out! Adios!

The school on Monday
The school at the end of Thursday!

Our morning worship

A friendly game of dodgeball

Lots of rope jumping

Parent helpers!

Getting electricity to the school

The children singing to us at lunch

Team pic selfie style

There is ligh!

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