Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another day in paradise

Another day sweating away in the humidity of Nicaragua.....and loving it!

Day two is done at the little school.... Hmmmm, I think it's called Los Calle in a rural area of Managua.
The landscape is beautiful and green and life is so very simple.  On the way down the dirt road to the school I caught a ride on a cart pulled by yoked oxen, it was SO cool.  I was told I was not only the first American, but first white person to ride on his cart!  

The school kids and parents that have been for helping were there again today to help us work on painting and sanding.  We are staring to build relationships and know that it will be hard to leave these sweet people.  Tomorrow we will take a culture day trip to the islands and town of Granada, but on Thursday and Friday we are excited to know we will be back to change the look of the school and the lives of the children and teachers.  Our team works super well together and we feel like a close knit family......and they are so fun!

Such rewarding work, and so honored to serve.  I love my life.

This is the entire school.... 5 rooms.

Eating Mamones 

Playing bubbles

The swing set crew

Jerry and all his little helpers

The front gate crew

The roof crew!

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