Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Good Morning for Nicaragua!

I've been getting requests to blog again this trip, so here I am in my favorite spot thinking about what to communicate.
We've been here in Managua for a little over 50 hours now, but it already feels like home for many of our newcomers.  The Villa, where we stay, has such inviting loving people

We began our week of work yesterday at a tiny rural school where we will be ALL week!  The more common pattern is to work a day or two at different schools, but this time we will spend 3-4 days with the same teacher and children and be able to form tight relationships.

This school is 30 minutes from the Villa in a very rural, poor area.  The school has 60 students, 3 teachers and no electricity.  The building was constructed in 2001 and nothing has been done to it since, possibly including being cleaned.  But our most important work is to love and build relationships with the children and local people.

I've got to cut this short, the bus in about to leave for our 2nd day of work!

 Sanding& painting the fence
Painting the back wall.  This is the entire length of the school.

Playing ring around the Rosie.

Self it with the director of Villa Esperanza, Wilburt.

Orientation with the staff of the school.... The 2 in purple shirts and the jeans jacket.

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