Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day two.....done!

Just wrapped up day two in Nicaragua with a killer card game of Mau. Frogs are singing, bugs are screaming and Brogan is playing his guitar. I love the sounds here!

We went to church this morning, Family Day in Nicaragua. It is a small building with bars for windows and it was very packed and hot! But, the heat does not stop the locals from a vigorous worship.
It's wonderful to know that even though we speak a different language and are culturally different, we still praise the same God!

We had lunch at the Villa before heading out to a huge park with the girls and ending our day with them with ice cream. 

Our first two days have been good for us bonding with the girls. They are starting to be more comfortable with us and us with them. 

Tomorrow we will be going to a local school to paint and build relationships with the grade school children who attend there. It will be our first test to see how we work together as a team, esp in the heat and humidity! Prayers welcome:)

Buenos Noches!

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