Monday, June 17, 2013

Day Three.....winding down.

Hola!  We are cooling off before dinner after a great day in the field.

Today we went to a local school, sang for the children, played with them and then started to work when they had to go back to class.

 A few of our team spent the day on a hot tin roof using steel brushes to scrape off the rust, very very hot work!  The rest of us cleaned first then painted a classroom and outside wall. 
Laura and Nick

Holly, Hannah, Jasmine and Jenna
Tracy, Thalia and Seong

Our team did a great job working together today and staying hydrated.  We are now taking turns in the shower and relaxing before dinner.  This evening we will be a evening away from the girls which will give us time to plan for classroom visits and our lunch with the teachers tomorrow. 

Thanks for lifting us up in prayer!

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