Saturday, June 22, 2013

Buenos Dias! 

Our day went so late last night that I didn't have time to post before backing and falling to bed! The last day is always so hard here having to say goodbye to all the chicas and staff that we've all grown so close to. 

We spent our last day at the Villa cleaning.  We sanded playground equipment and spray painted the slide, cross bars and teeter-totter, dug a ditch for a conduit, and watched Nick and Abee hack down a tree with a machete!    

Nick and Abee

It was a good thing we stayed at the Villa we are all exhausted from a week of work, heat, humidity and emotions.  In the evening we had our last dinner with the chicas, staff and another team from Washington.  Following that was a dance party and goodbyes.  The touching part of the night which had us all in tears was the chicas gathered around our team and prayed over us.... still brings me to tears!

Thalia, on-site Susie and Tracy (me)
Team Salzwedel, the Chicas and Staff

Breakfast is in 15 minutes, then off to the airport at 9:30.  This is be a long day of travel back home with much time hanging around the Managua and Houston airports for flights.  If you have a family member of this team, give them extra grace this weekend.  We are all still processing our week and are leaving people we have become close to here and on our team.

Won't you consider coming along next time?  Or, now that you know the story, would you consider sponsoring a girl or house mom here at the Villa?  Go to   Adios!

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