Sunday, July 22, 2012

We are just completing our first full day here in Nicaragua.  Sundays here are a day of rest, so we had a fun day with the girls building on our relationships.

Church was at El Faro (the lighthouse) at 9:30am.  This is a church that ministers to the people of 
La Chureca (the dump).  Many of the girls that live at Villa Esperanza (village of hope) have families  whom still live in La Chureca so they get to see them at church.  It was fun to see the girls join in the lively worship music with clapping and dancing, although, being in spanish I didn't know many words except for Jesus, Christ, father, heart, love:)
Riding to church, bus 1

El Faro Church

Lunch time at the Villa

After church we had lunch back at the villa and then a special date with the girls...... we went to see Spiderman... in spanish!  It's an odd feeling being in a country that is so poor and then going to a mall and seeing that there are people here that have money to spend on movies, clothes and such.  The contrast is unsettling.

We are now having some down time getting prepared for our week.  Our team is starting to bond which will be great for the work that we have ahead of us.

Please continue to pray for our team's health, safety and unity.  Pray that we can step outside our comfort zones and engage with those who could use a friendly word, hug or just smile.  Thanks!

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