Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 6 and 7.

Why the delay?  We had a really, really, long day yesterday!  The Chica’s had the day off so we had an educational day with the visiting the National Museum, the Tiscapa, eating lunch at the Tiscapa viewpoint, walking around the lagoon in the pouring rain and ending with some time in a park.  We also had our farewell dinner with the Chica’s, staff and team, said our goodbyes and then had a 2 hour closing meeting with just our team.

As I write this we are all still sitting at our breakfast table doing some team paperwork. Our work is done, dishes done, bags packed, rooms empty and ready to be cleaned for the next team that arrives in 2 hours.  It’s so bittersweet leaving the place I refer to as the Eden of Nicaragua.

With our first warm shower we will think of the Villa.  The first time we flush toilet paper down the toilet we will think of Nicaragua.  When we see someone throw away food we will remember the children begging for food by the National Museum.

Please be patient with your friends and family members when they return.  It is not uncommon for us to come back and be sad for a few days.  We’ve formed new friendships, left 20 lovely girls and seen some pretty sad and thought provoking things here.

Thank your for allowing your family members to experience one of the best and life changing weeks of their lives!

Adios vaya con Dios
Tiscapa Lagoon in the rain

Lots of rain.... Laura and me

Worshipping with girls at the Lagoon

The Chicas

Team Salzwedel with the Chicas

Thanks Team Salzwedel

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