Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hola amigos!

Weekly Staff Devotion......

....lead by Patrick & Nick

Painting the girls restroom

Painting outside
Once again, we are beat, but we had a great day.  We spent the day at another local school that is full of very needy children.  They were so welcoming giving hugs and fist pumps.  We brought balloons, beach balls and a soccer ball to play with them for an hour or so until we got to work painting.  We cleaned and painted for hours, stopping to have lunch and periodically play with children.  As Mark said, "We kicked some mission butt today!"  The epic moment of the day was when Patrick went to dunk a ball and the entire basketball hoop crumpled and fell over, he has now been nick named "hulk" or "shaq".

We arrived back home about an hour ago and are all cooling down and showering before dinner and then play time with the chicas!

Our group is becoming a great team!  As we are stretched outside of our comfort zone more of the team volunteers to speak up and lead in some way.  We've have those who help with dishes, setting up tables or praying over our food or team time.  John has been a huge blessing leading (and performing) on guitar. I'm especially proud of Nic and Patrick who lead the staff devotion this morning! 

Gotta run.  Time for more beans and rice!

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  1. Tracy,
    It's so good to hear you guys are growing as you're willing to go where God has called even when it's uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing. I'll keep praying for your guys each day. Please give my love to my dear friends down there.