Saturday, September 3, 2011

School Days

Even though there is a school inside La Chureca the level of education is low.  
The children are quite cute and wear uniform, most of which have been donated.
School yard at Colegio Cristanio La Esperanza
With the move to Villa Esperanza there is a new life with safety, food and a new school. Most of the girls go to Cama de Piedras where the level of education is much higher.
The girls in their school uniforms
My team was able to go to their school and clean up the yard, sweep the classrooms and wash their desks.  Of course we also had time to play with the kids!

Kirstina playing tag

John directing the kids in a round of "Baby Baby Baby" by Justin Beiber
Katie playing "Duck Duck Goose"

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  1. I wish we could "bottle" such delight and share it with others who have forgotten the joys of childhood. You do this with you blog, Tracy Jo.

    You help us remember not only the laughter of childhood but the needs of all children: food, learning, shelter, clothes, friends, security.

    Thank you for all your do for others.