Saturday, August 27, 2011

Feeding Centers

One of my favorite things to do in Nicaragua is the feed centers in La Chureca.  Noon means food.  Most show up before noon without their parents and are between ages 2-8.  I've seen a 5 year old bring her 3 younger siblings!  This may be the only meal of the day for the kids.

The food and chairs are brought in by truck from El Faro (The Lighthouse) Church, where the food is prepared before hand.

A bowl with rice, vegies and a piece of 
protein is dished up along with a glass 
of apple juice and passed out to the 
children.  It is amazingly orderly.  The 
children know to sit in their chair and 
wait.  They are very well behaved and
thankful.  When there are teams pre-
sent the children have a hard time 
concentrating on eating because they 
just want to play with, have pictures 
taken and be loved by us.  
SO precious!

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  1. Food and play. Both so essential for life. One to keep our body going and the other for our spirit. Thank you for giving both to these children.