Monday, August 4, 2014

Please read and share this update on my Nicaraguan friend Heydi!

Some of you may have heard of my new friend Heydi (Pronounced HayDee, as I spelled it earlier).
You may think you know all the details, but you don't.

I've written about her three times now (see posts from July 21st, 24th and 28th) and you may be thinking, "alright, enough already Tracy".  But I'm not done talking about her, because I have more to share.

This is Heydi, of Managua, Nicaragua and my team of 10 women the night we celebrated her on July 24, 2014.  A couple days earlier we had met her and heard the story of how she's been battling cancer for a few years and had just had her leg amputated above the knee.  It was a sobering night for us 10 Americans who live quite a different life than she does. But on the night above, we hung decorations, lit candles, had a meal with her, listened to music and taught her to knit.  Erica, below, played outside with her son and daughter (on the ends).  We walked away with so much joy!  

I received an email 3 days ago with an update on Heydi's medical and financial condition I'd like to share.

Since I saw her last she:
  • Has experienced seizures.  She will have an MRI and a Dr. appt on August 4th
  • She will need 2-3 rounds of chemotherapy starting sometime soon.
  • She has very large kidney stones.
  • The current medication she takes for pain is very powerful and very expensive.
  • Her husband pays $40 a month for insurance just for her so she can have access to the private hospital.  He fell behind and it was covered by a donor.  If he falls behind again, they will lose her insurance and access to the private doctors and hospital.
  • Her husband is not dealing well emotionally with his wive's illness and needs prayer!
  • She could use some more 4mm seed beads and supplies which she uses to make small trinkets that are sold to provide an income for her family.
The directors at Villa Esperanza in Nicaragua, Wilbert and Gloria have come along side this small family to help them in their time of extreme need.  Gloria made a few immediate recommendations for my team to pray about and consider.  I'd want to share the requests and hopefully bring more people on board. Here we go:
  • Pay monthly insurance of $40/month
  • Medications are roughly $80/month
  • Her taxi to/from hosp is $25 each time and she goes to the hospital about 3x's a month
  • Consider extra funding for living and food expenses
Forward Edge International, the non-profit that I facilitate teams for has put the category of "Heydi" up on their "donate" page.  The monies you donate to Heydi will go into a fund to pay her insurance, medical and monthly bills.  Forward Edge International is a 501.c3 so there is a tax benefit for those who desire to donate financially.  The link to donate is: Donate Here  Once there, select category of "Villa Esperanza", then select fund "Heydi".

This is pretty easy to do, however if you don't know how to do this online you can write a check out to Forward Edge International & make sure you put in notes "Villa Esperanza: Heydi".  Mailing address is:  Forward Edge 15121-A NE 72nd Avenue, Vancouver, WA 98686

Let's do this!  And...... please PRAY!

Thanks so much for reading this and possibly forwarding it along to others who can help out this family.  There are few times in my life where someone has wrecked my heart and life perspective as Heydi has done for me!

Grace + Peace

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